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12 Week – Aerobic Base Building Program


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Aerobic Conditioning / Volume Build / Muscular Adaptation / Low Heart Rate Training

A 12 week base building program developed to adjust your body to the riggers of ultra and endurance training. This program is provided in PDF format for you to access as needed.

Benefits gained from Endurance State Aerobic Base Building Program:

• Increase in mitochondrial size and density

• Greater muscle capillarisation

• Development of efficient aerobic energy systems

• Increased blood volume

• Hypertrophy of slow twitch (Type I) muscle fibres

• Increased amounts of red blood cells

• Enhanced free fatty acid metabolism

• Increased intramuscular fuel storage

• Improved blood flow to working muscles

• Increased cardiac size and output

• Improved muscular endurance

• Enhanced exercise efficiency

• Stronger more resilient muscles and tendons

• Lower levels of training stress

• Improved functioning of muscle fibres

• Lower risk of injury

• Reduced blood lactate levels

• Improved endurance exercise performance





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