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Endurance State Monthly Subscription

£80.00 / month

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Once you make contact through social media or the the website, I will arrange a phone call at your convenience. You will then be sent a questionnaire to learn a bit more about your background and your goals. This will form the basis of your training plan.

You will receive a full training plan leading to your goal race, whether it’s 12 weeks, 16 weeks or even longer away with a recovery plan factored in. The training plan will contain periodisation of specific training blocks to improve fitness and get you ready for race day. You will be fully informed of the reasoning behind each training block – it’s important that you’re invested in your training and you understand the logic and reasoning behind what, why and when you’re doing it. Nutrition, strength and mobility advice will also be provided.

Continuous monitoring and evaluation of your training will ensure you hit your goals, adjusting as and when needed, whilst a race day plan will be formed to fully prepare you for your event. This will include how to pace, suggested nutrition advice

The Package:

  • Initial free consultation
  • Full annual training plan
  • Free PREMIUM Training Peaks Account
  • Continuous feedback and monitoring via Training Peaks & WhatsApp
  • Event day plan (logistics and running performance)
  • FREE Races at Pennine Trails
  • FREE Endurance State training t-shirt and vest


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