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How to build running motivation
Nothing can be accomplished without having the drive and desire to do so. However. it’s important to separate this from ‘motivation’. To achieve a specific goal or dream you can often feel that you have the ‘drive’, ‘desire’ or feel ‘inspired’ to do it, but when the time comes for the run, the motivation to...
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how to bounce back from defeat
YOU CAN’T WIN ‘EM ALL! (AND WHY THAT’S A GOOD THING…) ‘Failure’ isn’t failure, but instead, it’s one of the few times we can truly train our mental endurance Down on last year’s race time, being beaten by that runner you always beat, legs and lungs just not working like you know they can do…...
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runner suffering from chronic fatigue
HOW YOUR LACK OF ENERGY IS PROBABLY ANYTHING BUT CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME ALL RUNNERS HAVE EXPERIENCED AND CAN IDENTIFY HOW FATIGUE FEELS Every step is a chore. You feel the cold more than usual. Sore throats and illnesses are second nature. Your muscles are achey and weak, ESPECIALLY in the morning. Just getting out the door is...
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the effects of stress on running
CHRONICALLY STRESSED? PREPARE TO BE CHRONICALLY ILL & CHRONICALLY INJURED – SO WHY DON’T WE ADDRESS IT? It’s not long after you pick up the sport of running that you begin to figure things out for yourself. It’s part of discovering the enjoyment of running and growing as a runner overtime. There will always be...
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