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Thoughts on Endurance State Coaching from Endurance State Runners...
Endurance State Coached Runner David Flores Rose

“Since I become part of the Endurance State team, around 6 months ago, my training has improved massively. 


The workouts are well explained. I have a full understanding of what I’m doing next, and more importantly, the reason why and how that’s going to help to achieve my goals. 


Chris is always there for you and with his support and training, I now see myself running longer distances.”

David Flores Rose
Ultrarunner, Hampshire
Sarah Williams - Endurance State Coached Runner

I chose to prioritise Health and Fitness in June 2022 after a lengthy period of no exercise and considerable weight gain. 

I was driving to my daily dog walk in August on the day of the 2022 Pennine Trail Marathon and decided that I was going to do that the following year! I started with Park Run to see how I got on with running – On the 24th September 2022 and 33:05 minutes later I had completed my 1st in over 4 years!!! Following this I decided that to prepare for a Marathon distance I would need a coach, I came across Chris and after some research contacted him – I have not looked back.
His mild mannered approach to any topic or question I bring gives me confidence in myself and what I can go out and do. The passion he has for running is nothing short of infectious and I have already set my sights beyond the Marathon in August. 
Saturday 25th February saw me get my latest 5K PB at Park Run of 25:50 which is a whopping 7:15 quicker in 5 months. 
I am excited to see where my running journey goes and am 100% positive that with Chris there to guide and coach I can only but exceed! 🙂 “
Sarah Williams
Runner, Lancashire
Adam Wale - Endurance State Coached Runner

“I’ve been coached by Chris at Endurance State for the last 6 months. The first of which I was injured. I’ve also had covid, which took at least a month to recover from.


Despite this, I could PB over any distance tomorrow at a moment’s notice. I feel stronger, fitter, and better prepared for any race scenario. 


With every issue I’ve had, Chris has explained the possible causes and given a long-term solution to the problem. If you’re looking for a running coach, I would highly recommend Endurance State.”

Adam Wale
Runner, Lancashire
“I turned to Chris around August 2022 after seeing a post on Facebook and obviously knowing his reputation as a strong runner.
I have run since the age of 8 (thank you Mr Lawson from Rosehill Junior School) and I have always been what people would term as a ‘decent club runner.’ I never broke any records but I could compete well.
My fastest marathon is 3.24 at the age of 36, I broke the 40 minute 10k barrier once and I think my fastest half marathon is around 132 (I do remember breaking 130 but have no record of it!)
I have completed over 20 marathons and a few ultras but, in December 2017 at the age of 46, was hit by breast cancer. Radiotherapy zapped me and I had an operation. 
Since then I have struggled running so, after getting into the London Marathon in October 2022, I decided I needed a proper plan (not one of those downloaded off the internet!) to try and break 4 hours.
I contacted Chris and he gave me a 12-week marathon plan. I stuck to it religiously, it had variety, it fitted around my work life and I had feedback. It was all downloaded to my watch so I didn’t have to think and that worked for me. You also have to do it as Chris is watching from afar (in a good way!)
Unfortunately, after being in London and registering, Covid hit the night before and London was a no-go.
Still I had the base training so I have carried on with different goals under Chris. As well as running, there is advice on nutrition, exercises to do to make you more flexible/stronger in your running as well as information on what to read to help with various unexpected things which hit you along the way. I find having a schedule and literally walking out my door, clicking on my watch and being told what to do works for me – and you do push yourself as all the info on your run goes back to Chris!
I am still awaiting the fruits of my labour as I haven’t yet tested myself since the (none) marathon but every day I have goal to complete what’s on my schedule and that keeps me running and competing (what I wanted out of the training!)”
Dany Robson
Runner, Lancashire
Dave Motley - Endurance State Coached Runner

“Endurance State coaching isn’t just access to a running coach, it’s a state of mind. As a runner of some 15 years I thought what can a coach teach me about putting one foot in front of the other, but the coaching I have received has really opened my eyes. I decided to seek a coach after a period of approx. 6 months of injury with the resulting dip in fitness giving me a real lack of mojo, I honestly thought I would never get back to my best, 41yrs old so this surely was the beginning of my decline, not at all Endurance State coaching to the rescue.

Chris who is a GB/England international runner and all-around amazing individual, spoke to me and we discussed my goals, strengths, weaknesses, my mental health around running , my nutrition and recovery, how I need to juggle my training around my family/work, and from that he devised a personalised plan. The plan initially consisted of small steps of just finding mojo, getting my stamina back and running regularly with mini goals along the way so I can see the positives and progress. This moved onto sharpening and finding my pace again with specific weekly sessions to focus on either aerobic or anaerobic strength, again with mini goals along the way.

Chris is always available to talk to and he’ll always listen to you and alter the plan as required, for example if you cant fit in a session because of other life commitments.

I can’t recommend this coaching enough, its helped me finally get back to sub 6’s, finally get back towards the front end of local races, helped me with my mojo, helped me find my love for running again and helped me find the Endurance State. This isn’t the end for me and with continued coaching I still have future goals to work towards”

Dave Motley
Runner, Lancashire


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