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For beginner runners seeking to increase their fitness and endurance, to competitive long distance ultrarunners looking to step up to the next level.  Train and harness your Endurance State to perform at your peak on race day.

You are encouraged to dream big… and have fun along the way! It’s not just about the destination, but the journey to it, and every part of the process should be rewarding – A primary motivator of Endurance State Training.


Endurance events are not simply turn up on the race day and it’s you vs the course. Great performances are built on the back of great planning and training, with a support system in place.

Having the backing of the right coach in your corner can make all the difference come race day. Training for a specific event comes with its each individual complexities, Endurance State Training takes care of it so that you can perform at your best at your target events.

"More than just a training plan..."


The training and guidance provided by Endurance State Coaching was formed over 10 years of successes and failures, highs and lows of endurance and long distance running events. There are avoidable mistakes I can ensure you sidestep, whilst all the training guidance you will undertake is backed by endurance-based science.

Anything can be achieved with the right balance in life, I can ensure you keep focused on all aspects of your endurance based challenge whilst fitting around your current circumstances. The ability to endure the hardships in any given event requires the focus and confidence built from a specifically, tailored training plan that works for you and on your schedule. Additionally, it helps to have a coach 100% invested in every aspect of your training, from your nutrition, racing strategy and complementary strength and mobility work, whilst also being available for a chat and talk through your plan at anytime. 

By becoming an Endurance State coached runner, I can help you answer questions such as “How much training do I need to do for my ultramarathon?”, “what kind of training should I do for my endurance race?”, “How can I progress to the next level?”, “How do I pace my 5k race?” and many more. I can also help you choose events to target and train for if you’re unsure about which races suit your current fitness level.  

The 3 Endurance State Training Principles

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An initial consultation and understanding of your goals will take place to fully understand you, the runner. We all have our strong points, and we all have a running desire that makes us tick. A plan will be put in place to fully get the best out of you and perform the best of your ability. 



It’s an age old saying, but consistency is key… and to be consistent, the homeostasis of your regular life, training, day to day stresses must be kept in balance. You’ll be kept on track with continuous feedback on your training, adjusting as needed to ensure you hit your goals.



For racing goals to be a success, all the variables and race day surprises have to be considered. You’ll be prepared both mentally and physically for the event throughout your training, whilst the key race logistics (pacing, gear and nutritional considerations) will be advised too.


An accomplished endurance athlete, competing internationally on long distance mountain and trails. Chris Holdsworth, an inov-8 athlete and fully qualified UESCA Endurance Coach, set up Endurance State Training to help others achieve their goals through his knowledge, experiences (highs and lows) and brand of heavy metal endurance running.

Notable Achievements

Three Peaks Fell Race – 3rd – 2:54:47

Snowdon International Mountain Race – 2nd – 1:07:23

GB Long Distance Mountain Running Team, 2017, Giir di Mont, Premana, Italy

Multiple England Mountain Running Vests

Lakeland Trails Marathon Course Record Holder (26.2 miles / 4000ft) – 2:46:49

Grizedale Trail Marathon Course Record Holder (27.5 miles / 5000ft) – 2:56:39

Wales Trail Marathon – 2nd  (26.2 miles / 4000ft) – 2:45:54

Salomon Serpent Trail 50k Course Record Holder (31 miles / 2000ft) – 3:13:27

5k PB – 14:50 / 10k PB – 30:27

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Once you make contact via social media or the website, a phone call will be arranged at your convenience


You’ll receive a full training plan leading to your goal event, based on endurance training best practices.


Continuous feedback and monitoring of your training will be provided to ensure you hit key goals.

What you'll receive when becoming an Endurance State coached runner


Once you make contact through social media or the the website, I will arrange a phone call at your convenience. You will then be sent a questionnaire to learn a bit more about your background and your goals. This will form the basis of your training plan. 

You will receive a full training plan based on initial goals set, whether that’s starting from scratch and building your base fitness up, or leading up to your initial goal race, whether it’s 12 weeks, 16 weeks or even longer away with a recovery plan factored in.

Your unique training plan will contain periodisation of specific training blocks designed to improve your fitness at the stage you’re at in your running journey, and get you ready for any race day you may have in mind. You will also be fully informed of the reasoning behind each training block – it’s important that you’re invested in your training and you understand the logic and reasoning behind what, why and when you’re doing it. Nutrition, strength and mobility advice will also be provided.

Continuous monitoring and evaluation of your training will ensure you hit your goals, adjusting as and when needed, whilst a race day plan will be formed to fully prepare you for your target events. This will include how to pace, suggested nutrition advice and suggested gear.

The Package:

  • Initial free consultation
  • Full training plan leading up to your current goal and beyond
  • Continuous feedback and monitoring via Training Peaks 
  • Target event day plan (race logistics, nutrition strategy and pacing)
  • Monthly review to assess progress 
  • FREE Endurance State training t-shirt and vest
  • FREE Premium Training Peaks account
  • FREE Races at Pennine Trails whilst an Endurance State coached runner*

    *You will be eligible for free Pennine Trails races whilst coached by Endurance State

Endurance State Coaching Testimonials

  • “Since I become part of the Endurance State team, around 6 months ago, my training has improved massively. 

    The workouts are well explained. I have a full understanding of what I’m doing next, and more importantly, the reason why and how that’s going to help to achieve my goals. 

    Chris is always there for you and with his support and training, I now see myself running longer distances.”

    Endurance State Coached Runner David Flores Rose
    David Flores Rose
    Ultrarunner, Hampshire
  • “I chose to prioritise Health and Fitness in June 2022 after a lengthy period of no exercise and considerable weight gain.  I came across Chris and after some research contacted him – I have not looked back.
    His mild mannered approach to any topic or question I bring gives me confidence in myself and what I can go out and do. The passion he has for running is nothing short of infectious and I have already set my sights beyond the Marathon in August. 
    I am excited to see where my running journey goes and am 100% positive that with Chris there to guide and coach I can only but exceed! 🙂 “
    Sarah Williams - Endurance State Coached Runner
    Sarah Williams
    Runner, Lancashire
  • I’ve been coached by Chris at Endurance State for the last 6 months. The first of which I was injured. I’ve also had covid, which took at least a month to recover from.

    Despite this, I could PB over any distance tomorrow at a moment’s notice. I feel stronger, fitter, and better prepared for any race scenario. 

    With every issue I’ve had, Chris has explained the possible causes and given a long-term solution to the problem. If you’re looking for a running coach, I would highly recommend Endurance State.

    Adam Wale - Endurance State Coached Runner
    Adam Wale
    Runner, Lancashire
  • I contacted Chris and he gave me a 12-week marathon plan. I stuck to it religiously, it had variety, it fitted around my work life and I had feedback. It was all downloaded to my watch so I didn’t have to think and that worked for me. You also have to do it as Chris is watching from afar (in a good way!)
    As well as running, there is advice on nutrition, exercises to do to make you more flexible/stronger in your running as well as information on what to read to help with various unexpected things which hit you along the way. I find having a schedule and literally walking out my door, clicking on my watch and being told what to do works for me – and you do push yourself as all the info on your run goes back to Chris!
    Dany Robson
    Runner, Lancashire
  • “I can’t recommend this coaching enough, its helped me finally get back to sub 6’s, finally get back towards the front end of local races, helped me with my mojo, helped me find my love for running again and helped me find the Endurance State.”

    Dave Motley - Endurance State Coached Runner
    Dave Motley
    Runner, Lancashire

Endurance State Pricing plans

One off, monthly subscription or training camp packages available


No minimum monthly requirement
£80/ MO
  • Full Training Plan
  • Continuous Feedback & Monitoring
  • Target Event Day Planning
  • Monthly Progress Review
  • Nutritional, Strength & Mobility Advice
  • FREE Endurance State Training T-Shirt & Vest
  • FREE Training Peaks Premium account
  • FREE entry to Pennine Trails races whilst coached by Endurance State
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