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16 Week – Aerobic Base Building Program


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Aerobic Conditioning / Volume Build / Muscular Adaptation / Low Heart Rate Training

Benefits gained from Endurance State Aerobic Base Building Program:

• Increase in mitochondrial size and density

• Greater muscle capillarisation

• Development of efficient aerobic energy systems

• Increased blood volume

• Hypertrophy of slow twitch (Type I) muscle fibres

• Increased amounts of red blood cells

• Enhanced free fatty acid metabolism

• Increased intramuscular fuel storage

• Improved blood flow to working muscles

• Increased cardiac size and output

• Improved muscular endurance

• Enhanced exercise efficiency

• Stronger more resilient muscles and tendons

• Lower levels of training stress

• Improved functioning of muscle fibres

• Lower risk of injury

• Reduced blood lactate levels

• Improved endurance exercise performance





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